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there are a lot of ways to "design" and we are not here to tell you how

but we hope that we can give you some pointers & tips that you can focus on

and get a better understanding on how eyewear are constructed 

so you can start your journey in designing them 


and the very 1st thing we like to share is



    research like hell     

most of us do not really get to see the wealth of eyewear

designs that are available in the market


high street retailers tend to show and sell products

that are "safe" or heavily advertised 


so you have to dig deep - and the more you do it you may find more

inspirations than you can imagine


unlike popular belief the eyewear industry is not a monopoly dominated

by the big companies and there really are a lot of room to improve & get creative


some smaller, lesser known brands to most

are changing the way eyewear is looking

This one went under but their designs were good

Take a Closer Look


P&E has employed a lot of different details into their design

Take a Closer Look


Most people want to use 3D print eyewear to disrupt the market when in fact it can make eyewear very creative. 3D print can allow imagination go wild !

Take a Closer Look


Theo's design core is about shapes and colorations - the results are exciting and characteristic. May not be for everyone but they were never intended to be.

Take a Closer Look


Almost any kind of material can be adapted to make eyewear - carbon fiber will not be the last.

Take a Closer Look


Use of material innovatively + a cool 1 piece construction + an original case !

Take a Closer Look


Now you may see what we mean by "anything goes". The designs defy any normal conception on how eyewear should look - definitely not for the faint hearted.

So much more when you care to research

our advice is do not just look at what you like


look at the possibilities to see if you can expand on their

foundation, their design philosophy


mix different elements - mix ideas 


combine 3D print with traditional materials ?

use different materials - cloth, leather, stones - anything goes !


The Making of :
3D Print

how to design the all important front


coming soon

try to get hold of more sunglasses to study like what the professionals do
everyday. the below website is a good place to source since it is
in-expensive and has a lot of different styles

how to design the left & right sides


coming soon

the devil is in the details ;)

Eyewear is now produced in all sorts of imaginable material : 


But for now we like to concentrate on the most flexible and widely used material :




and the most well known producer is









Take time to go through their collection to appreciate

the colors that could be available to you


And with good imagination you can design not just eyewear


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